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Section IV (Part A) Masters course

This course is the Avatar Master training. On this course, you learn more tools to explore yourself at a deeper level. In particular, you learn a wonderful skill to create a safe space for another, and really learn how to connect with others from a natural and real self. This is such a beautiful gift that you take into the world with the course especially when you go home.


Section IV (Part B) Professional Course

This is a leadership Course. You learn more tools to help you develop further your connection skills not only one on one but in a group. The exciting thing about this course is way you become able to create such a safe space for others, thus allowing them to change and grow and to live life more deliberately. You get to learn the components of success and how this works


Section V Wizards course

This section goes deeper into your own beliefs and looks at mass/group consciousness and the part our individual consciousness plays in the bigger picture. This is the most inspirational and powerful course I have ever been on. It is 13 days where you take the mind apart and put it back together again. Some very far-reaching texts and tools for consciousness.  The next course is at the beginning of 2017

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