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Dates and Locations
These are the dates for the upcoming –
International Avatar Courses

12 January 2019, Sheridan Orlando North, Florida, USA.

23 February 2019, in Berg en Dal, Netherlands.

13 April 2019 in the USA.

18 May 2019, in The Netherlands.

6 July 2019 in the USA.

2 November 2019 in Orlando, Florida USA.

These are the dates for the local
Europe Regional Avatar Courses.

Regional Avatar Courses are held numerous times each year throughout the world.

28 December – 5 January 2019, in The Netherlands.

16 March 2019, in The Netherlands.

20 April 2019, in The Netherlands.

27 April 2019, In Europe.

22 June 2019 in The Netherlands.

The dates for the ReSurfacing in London are below.
 When there are no dates and you are interested please get in touch.

Read more about the course here …

Fast Track courses are just prior to
The Master’s Course.

26 January – 1 February 2019, in The Netherlands.

9 March 2019, Lake Mary, Florida, USA.

27 April 2019 in The Netherlands.

1 June 2019 in The USA.

20 July 2019 in Willingen, Germany.

24 August 2019 in The USA.

23 November 2019 in The USA

If you would like more information please contact Julie at 0780270285

For more dates globally visit www.theavatarcourse.com