The Avatar® Course

What is Avatar?

Avatar is a 9-day experiential course. It was developed in 1987 by Harry Palmer in the USA. Today it is being taught in over 70 countries and has been translated into over 20 languages. The headquarters – Star’s Edge International® is based in Florida, USA.

Here is an outline of what you can expect

ReSurfacing Workshops

Section I of the Avatar.

What you can expect – Discover your personal belief blueprint. How your personal reality works.

Section I of the Avatar Course begins with theory and sets out ideas about the relationship between ‘beliefs and reality’. (Read this in the book Living Deliberately to gain more understanding before you begin the course). These ideas are then subject to various test examinations (individually and in groups). This will allow you to determine whether such relationships do exist for you. The exercises are from the ReSurfacing Book. Order your copy today, and start your Personality Profile Exercise 1.

Learn how to manage your attention (this has been found to be a key skill of leadership). Understand how your attention works and tools to support you in using it the way you want to. Identify and explore your current beliefs, are they helping or hindering you today. Learn how to develop more compassion. This sets you up ready to start the next section of the course.

Section II of the Avatar – The Exercises

What you can expect – An exploration into the perceptions of your world, find out the effects of your beliefs and judgments. How do you create your personal reality? Working with your own consciousness make your own discoveries.

Section II of the Avatar Course develops your ability to create reality. This often results in transforming realisations about why certain aspects of work or personal life have fallen short of their potential. Learn how to correct this. Discover tools that show you how to unlock yourself from beliefs you are ‘stuck’ in and to align your efforts with the future you want to create. You get to uncover self-sabotaging beliefs. Find out how to experience reality without judgement. Have an effortless letting go and peace of mind

Section III of the Avatar course – The Rundowns

What you can expectYour personal identity, decide on the deliberate creation of who you are in the world, who you want to be. Learn the ability to handle your limitations and the ability to help others.

Section III begins with a guided session, which introduces you to procedures and tools that you can use to manage your life. You will develop your ability to intentionally discreate your old perceptions of reality. Going through a process that allows you to separate from the most fundamental and restricting belief structures of life, and then go on to complete 7 solo rundowns that enable you to address limitations, dependencies, persistent situations, interpersonal conflicts and limiting beliefs of others without confrontation. You can read more about these in Living Deliberately chapter 10. This is where you get to handle old events and decisions that are in your life that you really want to integrate to have a better life. The prerequisite of this is to have completed Section I and II