Booking the Avatar® Course

Please call me on my mobile – 0780270285 even if you only have a question at this time.


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Order the books you will need. This includes Living Deliberately, The Avatar Path, Private Lessons and The ReSurfacing Workbook all by Harry Palmer please follow this link  – Buy here

Book flights – I have tips for both flying to the Netherlands or the USA. The flight costs are in addition to your Course fees and hotel booking. There are a number of airlines to choose from. The Avatar Course is in the hotel that is listed for the dates.

General transfers – Know how to get from the Airport to the hotel. I can give you companies for transfers in the USA and trains and buses for The Netherlands.

Book hotel – I can help you with this it is a simple form as the course is at the same place as the course unless we are in London or Braintree.
You pay for the hotel separate from your course fees.

To begin you can read the books – Living Deliberately and the Avatar Path book. Then fill out your Personality Profile – the personality profile is the very first exercise in the ReSurfacing Workbook

What to wear – Comfortable clothes in the USA layers to cater for the air conditioning and in Europe may be a coat! You will do exercises outside so take some outdoor clothes.

Booking for the course – Booking is the first step. Once we have your form filled in and it has been sent to the course organisers, we will get back to you for confirmation. No money will be taken until your place is confirmed.