Free Avatar Experience

Free 30 minute Avatar Experience

Introductions and experiences for the Avatar Course

This is a free 30-minute information/experience session. You will go through information about The Avatar Course, subjects covered … Attention, Will and Beliefs. If you like it you are welcome to sign up for the course or if you want to explore further then I would suggest an Introduction as outlined below.

Free Introduction to Avatar, by doing a mini course

We do an Avatar Mini Course together, from the 7 Pillars of Enlightenment by Harry Palmer.
Compassion – The Forgiveness Option
Insight – The Belief Management Option

This is around 2 hours so it is longer than the Avatar experience hour and gives you an opportunity to use some more of the Avatar tools. You can do the introduction straight after your information hour if you like or we can book another date that is convenient.

Where you can do these

On line via `Skype or Zoom
SKYPE Skype julie.armitage1
TEL Mobile – 07802702852